Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kitchen Sink Pattern Club, April

Hi all,  I'm launching a monthly pattern club, I'm calling it the Kitchen Sink club; $30 a month, for at least15 designs, and they will be all sorts, everything includuing the kitchen sink. All the pattens shown in this post are in the April club set.  Click on the photos to see more details.

 cone p2p border

I create lots of designs each month for our customer quilts, and I rarely get time to put them all up on the website individually, so this is a way to get them out there with the minimum effort on my part.  
Block designs, triangle fillers, lots of P2P patterns, which I use wherever possible, as it's so easy to make borders that way. Also some more formal borders, with corners and some with matching block sets.

Many of the patterns aren't really dense, heavy quilting, as our customers mostly want more open designs.  That's a good thing, because these designs stitch out quickly, yet fill the area nicely.   But there will be some intricate patterns too, depending on what I design that month. I will post photos where I can, depending on the customers permission, and also provide suggestions of different applications for patterns that have more than one use.

These designs will eventually go on the site for prices between $10 and $40 each, so this is a chance to get the designs early, and much, much cheaper.

If you stay a member of the club for a whole year I will send you 5 pantos of your choice.  You can stop the club at any time, but it will need 12 continuous months to earn the free pantos.

These won't be available as an instant download just yet, I will email the patterns.  Payment will be through credit card or Paypal.  If you have troubles with the credit card payment on the site ( it's temperamental, I'm working on the new site but the instant download is not ready yet) you can always ring through the details; my number is

08  8636 3029 (Australia only).

I will send out the files in the first week of each month automatically, and either debit your card, or send a Paypal invoice.

For anyone who joins now during this trial period, I'll send a free panto of your choice.

The Feather Wreath Plus block worked really well on this quilt of simple Chain blocks. 
This pattern uses one of my favourite tricks when quilting an odd shape.  If you place the largest circle, or square on point, in the odd shape then all you have to do is find a pattern to fill up the square or circle.  This has a few P2P curves aloing the edges of the blocks to fill the areas completely.

Intelliquilter files will be supplied as.iqp files.
Statler files will be supplied as .qli files
Compuquilter files will be supplied as .dxf files

If you would like to join the pattern club, please visit the website, or give me a call.  If you have ideas for patterns that you would like to see here, just email me.

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