Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There are a lot of designs in the May Club; 52 in fact, which is awfully good value for $30.  And new members get their choice of panto as a freebie for joining.  Just mention the panto you'd like in the Comments section when ordering.

You can join the club here; patterns are sent out automatically each month.  The patterns for April are now available as a set for $50.  Remember, if you stay a member of the club for 12 months you will earn 5 free pantos of your choice.

I concentrated on triangles and P2P patterns this time.  It can be hard to find small, simple designs for triangles, and the ones I have included are suitable for most sizes of setting triangles.

The ones that are just lines or circles seem to go with any sort of quilt theme, so they are especially useful.

And even more useful are P2P triangle designs, so easy to place them with just 2 clicks.

 I use P2P all the time, it's such an easy way to place a border and corner. See that Simple Swag pattern below?  The little connecting lines along the base of the pattern are supposed to go in the binding area of a border, so they disappear when the quilt is quilted.
The Diamond P2P is an interesting pattern; if you make the height slightly less that the diagonal measurement of a setting square you can place it in alternate blocks by clicking two opposite corners.

And you can click across the quilt and fill in several rows at once.  I used a plain curve as a P2P in the pieced squares, and then added the Diamond in the setting squares; it makes a great overall pattern.
I used the 16 Petal block design on an 1800's reproduction quilt; I didn't want to ditch stitch the blocks, so I used this pattern over 2 blocks and 2 setting squares. 

I love how the back looks like wineglass quilting patterns.
Here are a few borders I've used several times. They aren't very complicated, and it's easy to fit the corners onto them.

And the Victorian Shell panto is easy to place, and gives a complex shell effect.

The French Forest set of designs are from one of my earliest pattern packs; I'm gradually getting them tidied up and released.

These designs are flowing and balanced; there's a simple block, triangle and border, and a more complex one as well.  There's sure to be something in this set that will suit.

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