Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Kitchen Sink Pattern

There are  43 pattern files in the June Kitchen Sink club. 

 You can join the club here; you receive a free panto as a gift for joining. When you complete the order on the website it will ask you why you bought the patterns, and how you arrived at the site; just write in there the panto of your choice, and I will send it with the pattern files.

Patterns are sent out automatically each month.  The patterns for April and May are now available as a set for $50 each.  Remember, if you stay a member of the club for 12 months you will earn 5 free pantos of your choice.

Click on the pictures to see more details.

I've included quite a few sashing designs this month, as those little spaces can be tricky to fill.

I love being able to use p2p patterns for sashes, it's so easy to place the patterns horizontally or vertically.

The Argyl pattern is a p2p version of an old traditional design.  You can use it p2p, or like a normal border pattern to place any number of repeats you need for the sash or border.  If you place the patterns just in the sash areas a star effect occurs;

or run the patterns continuously horizontally, and just fill in the vertical spaces.

There are some wider motifs that fill sashing spaces nicely.

I've given multiple repeats of the Outline Scroll pattern, as sometimes I don't want to bother placing each individual repeat with the P2P function.  All of the multiple repeat patterns are still p2p patterns, they just stitch several repeats of the pattern at once. This works well when the edges of the area are fairly straight anyway.  Or just use the multiple repeats to fill up a whole sash at once.

The centre designs fill up the space in Double Wedding Ring quilts nicely, and they can fit in the spaces around circular pieced blocks.

We often quilt a design over a pieced block, instead of ditch-stitching.  These simple block designs work well for that purpose.

These little borders go together simply, it's not hard to line them up with the corners.

They stitch out nicely as small borders, or can go into larger areas if a simple design is needed.

The Trailing Fern set combines to give patterns for many areas of the quilt.

The half and quarter versions of the block design can be placed around the edges of a quilt to form a frame.
We've used this to fill in the spaces around a Dresden Plate, and it worked beautifully.

I'll post some customer photos in another post, so you can see the designs used on actual quilts.  I would love to receive any photos of your quilts too.  My email address in listed on my blogger profile.

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