Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Club Designs

    October and November were very busy months for me, as I was moving my home and workshop to a new location.  I hardly had time to do any designing, so some of these patterns are old ones that I never got round to releasing, and some are favourites that I thought I'd share.

The Shell Feather is one I've used on many quilts, it has just the right desnity of quilting and covers the space really well.  Happy Hearts is a lighter pattern, and works well on quilts that don't need heavy quilting. 
Lillies is just a pretty pattern; it's from the Sweet & Simple panto pack, designed by my sister Meredith England.  I just fiddled with the basic design and made it a p2p for even more versatility.

Fractures and Meander4 are from my Pretty Simple panto pack, which isn't entirely digitised yet, still working on that.  Both these designs ae great for simple quilting, where a recognisable pattern isn't necessary. 

Fractures is great for modern quilts, or guy quilts, as it's just straight lines.  Arabesque is an old favourite, gives a lovely texture to a border or as an overal pattern.

The geometric designs are ones I've used when I want to cross hatch little quilts completely.  The Hatch p2p worked remarkably well on a small wholecloth;
I just set it up like a panto and trimmed out the areas around the designs.  I will try and dig up the photos to show you, the points in subsequent rows lined up almost perfectly. The Maze design gives really even coverage, and again works really well on modern quilts.

And finally, because Christmas is upon us once again, some designs of Meredith's that are just right for the season.  Her Christmas pack is great value, more than 40 designs, and many of them can be used on folk-art quilts as well, as they feature birds and angels.  I've shared just a few of the designs from that pack in this month's club.

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