Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Club Designs

The December designs are ready to go, lots of useful things this month.  I've finally settled into my new premises, and there's been more designing and quilting going on around here, so life is nearly back to normal.  One thing isn't though;  because my building is heritage listed it's been a struggle to get a new phone connected.  I'm still trying to get permission for that to happen, so I'm relying on mobile internet, which isn't all that reliable.  So if I don't answer emails straight away, don't panic, my connection may have dropped out in bad weather and such.  I'm still here, and I will get back to you.

The pattern set this month is based on the Double Plume pattern, which was the most popular panto as a printed pattern.  However, it didn't translate to a digital format because it was two lines.  After many requests from quilters who wanted to be able to use their old favourite (and some outright begging), I redesigned it to stitch as one line, so it's back in play.  It makes a nice border too, and the block designs look lovely quilted out.

I'm always looking for simple geometric pantos, and Axel fits that description.  Desert Flower is a good allover pattern with no imagery to conflict with the piecing of the quilt.  Sometimes the quilting just needs to stay in the background and let the piecing and colours take over.

Windy Night I designed for a customer's 4 year old son; his quilt was covered in stars and spirals, so the quilting just picked up on that.

Spiral Leaf is an oldie from 2003 I think, never released as a digital pattern; it works perfectly with a couple of block designs from the Celtic pack that I shared in September's club.  It's a simple panto to use too, either straight or offset.

Ditsy Heart is a simple little p2p border and corner that can be put together as a frame for stitcheries; I've included a square frame and a rectangular one already made.

More simple p2p patterns, because you can never have enough of those.  The Echo Shell has been quilted on Civil War type quilts, as well as oriental styled ones, and looks great set either straight or offset.

The Lacis designs are good as pantos or borders, adding texture and interest with simple curves.

A simple way to quilt blocks set edge to edge is to place a design over each one and let a secondary design develop.  All three of these patterns work well when used that way, or they're just pretty set with sashing.  Rosette looks lovely on point as well.
Frames are always useful, and Feather Frames suit many quilts.  The rectangular ones coould be used on placemats, with a name or initials in the centre.  

The centre of the square ones can be filled with a block, or embroidery.

I hope you're all having a lovely time preparing for Christmas, and even if things are a bit rushed it's a good time to appreciate our families and our quilting.  We have a new baby boy in our family, my great-nephew Logan. Christmas will be all the more special because of his arrival.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

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