Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paypal had a bit of a glitch this month with the automatic payments, but all should be fixed now. Several people were not billed on the right date early in the month, and those payments finally processed on the 17th and 18th. Let me know if you have any queries about the late payment some of you experienced. 

I have a couple of photos from club members who used this month's patterns.

Wilma Hurt wrote:
Love the August designs!   The day I received it, I used Lovebirds on the attached quilt.  You can't see the design very well, but I thought it was ideal for this quilt.  I used A & E Linedrop Thread.   I plan to use Oaken late next week.  Thanks for such lovely pantos. 

 Kerri Youngdate wrote:
I attached a few pics of the Rowan double border used on a batik quilt I finished last week. The border turned out beautifully using superior rainbows, even with the busy batik. 

And Mereth used Oaken on a lovely randomly pieced green quilt, and it turned out beautifully.  Sometimes patterns just seem made for a particular quilt, and Oaken compliments this perfectly.

I love seeing what people are doing with the designs, you are all a clever bunch.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

****I am migrating my site to another server, so it will be unavailable for a while; you can continue to sign up for the monthly club though this blog (see the Subscribe button at the end of the post).***

The August designs are done, including several pantos with an animal theme, a couple of P2P patterns, lots of wineglass patterns, some useful, simple borders and a block set. Click on the photos to see more detail.

The Lovebirds panto was designed for a friend, the full story is here

I've made several pantos with animals in them for specific projects, so I've included them all here; you never know when you might need one.  The fish one is a nice open panto without too much detail, and quilts up really quickly.
 The Oaken panto quilts up into a beautiful allover pattern with a swirling movement.

The Baptist Fan panto is one we use over and over, on traditional quilts as well as more modern ones.  It's a great texture, and quilts up quickly as well.

 I use these simple wineglass patterns a lot, and this set is useful for sashes, backgrounds, to place over whole blocks instead of ditch-stitching.

 The Darra Set has an Art Deco feel, quite sophisticated.  The frame can be used around a stitchery block, or a smaller block quilted in the middle.  Ther block and triangles have a nice movement to them, to liven up plain areas.
The Pleat P2P design is a way of quickly adding parallel lines to a border; you can choose to have the curved connecting lines facing in towards the centre of the quilt, or out towards the edge.  There is a corner supplied for each option.
I've included several simple borders as well, to add to the pattern library.  When we need borders we often have to use simple ones to keep the quilting density even across the quilt top.  We use these more than the elaborate borders.

The Plait border repeat looks very strange, but it fits together to form a perfect plaited border.

The Club costs just $30 a month through Paypal, and includes a free panto as a joining gift;  just click on the button below and the payments will be deducted automatically each month.  Make sure to choose the file format you require for your system. Each month's patterns can also be purchased as a set for $50.  If you want to purchase any, just email me and I can send a Paypal invoice.

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