Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Like other Australian quilters, I'm devastated by the images of the Queensland floods.  I lived in that state for 26 years, and nearly every place I lived is now under water or in danger of being flooded.  The little town of Forest Hill in the Lockyer valley, where I lived while I went to Ag College, has been completely evacuated; it's some of the richest farm land in Australia, and it's terrible to see it under water.

My family is in Rockhampton, all safe and well, but completely cut off.  It will be a while before life goes back to normal.

The dreadful images of destruction inspired me to do something to contribute to the Relief Appeal. When I think of floods it brings the story of Noah to mind, so I designed a set of patterns based on a rainbow and dove, and they are for sale for $15.  You get a border, corner and two blocks, plus a panto.  They'd be nice for a Noah's ark quilt, or anything needing a nice formal pattern. You can pay by Paypal just by clicking on the button.  I will donate all the proceeds to the flood appeal, and email the patterns once Paypal notifies me of the payment.

There are months of hard work ahead for all the people affected.  My ex's family went through the Brisbane flood in 1974 and lost nearly everything; the government ended up giving them a payment of $151, which even then was laughable.  Hopefully we'll raise enough money this time to help all those in need.

Rainbow's End Pattern Set for Computerised quilting.  All proceeds donated to Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

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