Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November club patterns

  Susan Campbell requested that I digitise Linda Steele’s quilting patterns for a customer version of Scottish Dance(scroll down to the third quilt); with Linda’s permission I made the files, Susan quilted her customer’s quilt, and it's spectacular!  
 The pattern is Linda Steele's award winning Scottish Dance ; the photos on this blog are of the quilt quilted by Susan Cambell. I digitised the designs from a small photo, so they may not be exactly the same as Linda's, but they are close.
   Susan did a lot of fabulous free-hand on this as well, but there’s no reason our machines can’t add a fill behind these patterns.  They don’t have really complex or indented edges, so I imagine they would look excellent as trapunto motifs too.  The pattern set will be on my website for sale soon, if non-club members want it.
 Our customers are wanting a quick turnaround now, as Christmas looms ever closer.  With that in mind I’ve chosen speedy pantos for this month’s club; these are our Go-To pantos when we want something quick to stitch, yet looks fantastic on a wide range of tops.  
 I think Sassy is my most favourite pattern ever, it just gallops along; I’ve included a matching block and corner, so it can be used as a border as well.

Drift is very quick running, with great texture too, again there is a matching corner and block.

Eddy is a quick little P2P border plus matching panto, wider border and blocks; it will cover a lot of ground quickly.

These 5 pantos are from the Super Simple panto pack, and we use them again and again.  They are great on small quilts, as they can be sized from 3-8" and don't overwhelm a small quilt.  They provide great surface texture, and suit any sort of top.


The silly season is nearly here, I wish for easy pantos and sweet customers for all of us!

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