Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm starting a new club this month, for those of you wanting to stock up on pantos for a reasonable price.  Instead of offering a selection of pantos each month, you get to choose the ones you really want.  This is aimed at quilters wanting to grow their panto library at a reasonable cost, and also those quilters who have upgraded their hand-guided systems, and have had to leave all their paper patterns behind.

I have two pdf pantograph catalogues;
all my patterns prior to 2010
and the ones after that

Download these pdfs, and use them each month to choose 3 pantos for $15.  Just subscribe with the Paypal button below, and then send me an email listing the first three pantos.  Each month, on the same day that you subscribed, send me another email with the 3 pantos you would like.

Keryn Emmerson Pantograph Club

And because there are some people who don't want to muck about with waiting, you can have as many pantos as you want, for $5 each, so long as you order more than 10 at a time. 

This deal is not available on the website, only as an email order, after which I will send a Paypal invoice, and email you the patterns.

My email address is
keryn at kerynemmerson dot com
(change those underlined words to symbols when typing the address)

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